Breaks down most barriers to communication by allowing your patients to contact you at their convenience, using the method they prefer.


Send and receive automatic appointment confirmations and reminders via text and email.

Customer Appreciation

Send customized and automatic Happy Birthday, anniversary and other holiday messages so your patients know how much you appreciate them.

Bulk Announcments

Are you offering a new service or running a special for new patients? Send a text or email blast using one of our built-in templates.

Easy Referrals

Easy Referrals will keep track and encourage customer referrals by offering incentives to people who tell their friends about your business.

Broadcast Incentives

Incentives capture the widest potential audience by broadcasting coupons and specials from each of your business profile pages.

Automated Rewards

Reward specific behavior (like referrals or social media engagement) by sending automated coupons and discounts.

Page Optimization

Optimize all profile pages and digital advertising so more potential patients can find you.

Customizable Dashboard

We publish and monitor customized profile pages for your practice across the web so that your online presence is always consistent and professional.

Post Positive Reviews

Want to know what people are saying about your practice? eConnexis enables intelligent review tracking.

Employee Privileges

Choose who has access to what information by assigning the appropriate security settings to each of your staff’s login credentials.

Real-Time Reviews

Enable your patients to leave certified reviews and then publish their compliments across your other profile pages, reaching the widest audience possible.


eConnexis is HIPPA compliant and protects the confidentiality of your data and that of your patients with the highest level of security.

All Size Companies

It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-person operation or a business with 20 employees because we can scale our service to meet your needs. As your business expands, we’ll grow with you.

Social Media Engagement

Automated and customized Facebook and Twitter posts keep you in front of your patients and our dashboard makes it easy to respond to comments and keep the conversation flowing.

Saves You Money

Cancel your expensive answering service, hire fewer employees, and never miss an important communication attempt.

Analytical Analysis

Make informed decisions by looking at your business’ performance from every angle.


Run detailed and easy-to-read reports on all facets of your business and customize the look, feel, and data.

Cross Platform Access

Login to your dashboard from any computer or smartphone. Our software is cloudbased, which means that you are never without access to your patients or your business.


Do their teeth need cleaning? Is it time for their annual checkup? Customize our automatic “past due” reminders for your practice and get your clients back in for thier monthly checkup.

Feedback Surveys

Send them one of our customizable and automated surveys after their visit to find out what they liked and what they didn’t.

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