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Easy Sync Management

When the patient replies back to the confirmation message, it automatically gets updated in real-time with the dental practice’s patient management software.

Automatic Appointment Confirmation

Wow, it’s super easy for dental practices to receive confirmations from patients without even calling or contacting them.

We send daily automatic appointment information to the corresponding patients of the day. This way the dental office doesn’t have to call the patients to check their confirmations on appointments.

The dental practice can easily contact a patient directly from our dashboard by sending text messages or email. Through our dashboard, you can also see all the communication taking place, making it easier to connect with patients since you don’t have to call or send them postcards.

Every dental office wishes to see a busy scheduled day full of patients. But how far have they succeeded with keeping up with every patient by reminding them of their appointments and subsequent follow-up appointments? eConnexis eases your job and lets your patients easily connect with you.

So, how are we different?

Access from anywhere

Ready to use on any device, eConnexis is available whenever and wherever you are.

Easy, intuitive layout requires no special training, so you’ll be ready to see benefits right after you start using the software. Emails and text messages for appointment reminders and other purposes are automatically sent, so there are no hours wasted individually calling clients and playing phone tag.
Help dental practices keep track of appointments via automatic appointment reminders that can be sent any number of days before the date and increase the rate of appointments coming in.
Get more positive reviews on the largest, most popular social media sites and improve your online reputation. We only show reviews at or above a rating you choose.
When the patient replies back to the confirmation message, it automatically gets updated in real-time to the dental practice’s management software. Once the dental practice creates an appointment, you can see on your dashboard that the patient is replying to the text message confirmations we sent. No other action is required from them, since they are also receiving automatic updates.

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