Easy Customization

We know each office has different requirements. Through years of experience, we know what features dental practices are looking for in their patient communication software. We can easily customize our software according to your individual needs.

Real-Time Data Sync

We provide instant, two-way data sync with your patient management software. When a new patient is added to your dental practice’s management software, that patient is populated at our software end without any delay. Your dental practice can then use our dashboard to see the patient confirming appointments.

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Instant Setup

It is so easy to get started. We quickly integrate with your patient management software. We are a 24 hour, 7 days a week service that runs hand in hand with your management software.

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Easy Sync Management

When the patient replies back to the confirmation message, it automatically gets updated in real-time with your practice management software.

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Fully Customizable

We can customize features according to your needs. This completely ensures the satisfaction of each dental practice depending on which features they want to be enabled or added.

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Easy to Use

Our user interfaces are so easy to understand that your dental practice will quickly feel comfortable using our product. We have displays that can be customized, so each dental practice can decide which information it wants to see on each page.

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