Grow Where You Want

It is always a dream of every dental practice to make their dentistry number one in the market. Many are good at their service, but are not good at marketing their services. eConnexis helps you to grow where you want and how you want.

Grow Your Reputation

Whenever a patient searches for a dental practice, he or she may look for the best dental practice with the most positive reviews. We help you get the maximum number of perfect reviews so that you get become known and get a higher response rate to a patient's internet inquiry.

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Get More Referrals

The patients can refer their friends from the emails which we sent out to them. This way, you can get more new patients and can grow your practice.

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Appointment Booking System from Social Media

The dental practice growth has always been based on the number of appointments scheduled. We provide the ability to book an appointment from the web through any social media such as Facebook. This helps your dental practice convert more patients from visitors on social media and the internet.

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Send Promotions

You can attract more patients by sending promotions to them with just one click. Every patient will be notified about the new promotion, which in turn helps to get more appointments scheduled.

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Perfect Reviews

It’s always important for an office to get positive reviews from patients to encourage new patients to join the practice after reading them. Our software helps you get the maximum number of positive reviews by filtering out the negative ones.

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