Lets Patients Easily Connect with You

What if one day all of your patients contacted you, rather than you contacting or calling them? eConnexis makes your life simpler and saves you time.

Two-Way Communication via Text and Email

The dental practice can easily contact a patient from our dashboard by sending text messages or emails. They can easily see all the communication taking place on their dashboard, eliminating the need to call or send postcards.

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Make Your Patients Feel Special

We make each patient feel special by sending birthday wishes to them. This makes them feel like they are part of our family and makes them love their dental practice even more.

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Campaigning via Text or Email

If you are running a promotion or offering any special discounts for a season, you can blast them out as text messages or emails to the targeted patients as well as groups. You can also send them to everyone.

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Appointment Adding onto Calendar

When the patients are sent an email to confirm the appointment date, they can save the date on their smartphones or on their online calendars directly from these emails.

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Replying to Reviews

After each appointment, patients receive a post appointment message sent by us. In this message, patients can write a review about their experience and the dental practice can thank them for the comments or can reply to the reviews given by the patients.

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