Keep Your Appointment Calendar Always Booked

Every dental office wishes to see a busy scheduled day full of patients. But, how far they have succeeded in keeping in touch with every patient to remind them of their appointments, and continuous follow-up appointments? eConnexis helps you ease your job, and lets patients easily connect with you.

Reduce Your Cancellation Rate

eConnexis helps you reduce your cancellation rate by reminding patients to confirm their appointment, which in turn makes it easier for your dental practice to receive confirmation messages without the pain of calling patients.

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Increase Your Recare /Recall Booking

Do you want your patients to come for regular checkups after a few months? We have customization on how often the dental practice wants to remind the patient of their next appointment. Remember, all this communication happens automatically in the way the patient prefers. So why do you need to painstakingly remember the patient’s health record and call them in person?

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Convenient Rescheduling

Have you come across patients cancelling their appointments if they were not able to attend? eConnexis provides convenient rescheduling to patients by sending messages or emails to confirm their appointment. They can easily reschedule their appointment from there. This way, eConnexis helps the dental practice prevent losing appointments and ensures dental practice calendars are always full.

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Instant ASAP Booking

Are you trouble shooting with patients to get their appointments scheduled as soon as possible, according to their desires? We have the feature of listing all ASAP appointments where you can directly send text messages or emails to the corresponding patients informing your availability. This way the patient immediately responds back to the confirmation and in return the practice can fill the cancelled appointment of the day with ASAP patients.

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Live Appointment Booking Calendar

Our software is always synchronized with the dental practice management system, so we have real-time data for what times doctors are available. This helps patients book appointments that are convenient for them.

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