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Every dental office wishes to see a busy scheduled day full of patients. But, how far they have succeeded in keeping in touch with every patient to remind them of their appointments, and continuous follow-up appointments? eConnexis helps you ease your job, and lets patients easily connect with you.

We help dental practices reduce their appointment cancellation rates.

It’s normal for patients to book appointments that won’t be for another few weeks. However, the dental practice might forget to remind patients about their appointment again after two weeks or so. In turn, the patient may forget about his or her appointment. Here comes the beauty of using eConnexis. Immediately after the patient books the appointment, he or she receives a text message or email confirming the appointment. As the appointment date approaches, he or she will receive another text message two days before to confirm the appointment. This helps patients remember their appointments and allows your dental practice to receive confirmations without painstakingly calling them. This process reduces your appointment cancellation rate.

We help increase office efficiency!

Many times, the dental practice has to spend most of its time calling patients, dropping voice messages, or printing mailers to confirm appointments. What if all this communication is being done automatically, reducing your workload and increasing your efficiency?

We provide instant ASAP booking.

Sometimes your patients my cancel appointments, leaving empty slots that hinder your business. Here comes the beauty of using eConnexis. With our ASAP appointment booking, you can click the ASAP appointment list when appointments are cancelled and directly send text messages or emails to corresponding patients informing them about your practice’s availability. The patient can immediately respond by confirming their availability and your practice has quickly filled the cancelled appointment with another patient.

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