Increase Office Efficiency

Many times dental practices spend a lot of time calling patients, leaving voice messages or printing mailers to confirm appointments. All this communication can be done automatically and reduce your practice’s workload, increasing office efficiency and practice profitability.

Automatic Appointment Reminders

It’s super easy for dental practices to receive all communication from patients without calling them, because we know which appointments have not been confirmed yet and who should be contacted by email or text message to confirm their appointment. eConnexis helps ease your workload through automatic confirmations from patients.

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Post Appointment Instruction

What if the dental practice needs to send some sort of medical instruction after a patient’s surgery, or after any type of appointment? eConnexis makes it possible for dental practices to send post appointment instructions to patients via text messages or email.

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Convenient Schedule Management

eConnexis helps you manage your appointment schedules. If your dental practice is going to be closed and you want the confirmation of all appointments by day, week or range of days from the calendar, you can send confirmation messages to accommodate any combination mentioned. You can even replace any cancelled appointment with the ASAP patient list.

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Schedule an Appointment from Anywhere

eConnexis helps you embed the online booking feature and your reviews to your website and to social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, and others. This way, new patients can book appointments from wherever they desire.

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Campaigning and Bulk Announcements

If you want to inform your patients of any special offers or any new notices, you can do so with just one click from our software rather than calling or printing mailers for every patient.

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